Concrete V Resin Bound

Concrete V Resin Bound. We all want a nice-looking driveway that is strong, and very hard-wearing with good load-bearing quality.

concrete V resin bound

With all the different options available it’s hard to choose what’s right for your drive.

How do you choose and which options should we take how and how do we decide.
Two of the main choices are concrete and the second resin bound.
Both of these have great qualities and are durable, and look nice, lets’s take a closer look at the two and compare the differences between them both. Concrete V Resin Bound.


So what actually is concrete?
By mixing aggregates with water and cement we produce concrete, mostly grey and we can not get coloured versions.
Whilst the mix is wet and mushy to start it is crafted in the desired area and left to dry.
What you are left with is a timeless construction material that is versatile in the way it can be used as it pours easily and arrives ready mixed or to mix in the wagon while you prepare. It’s versatility means it can be used for multiple high-strength applications, construction buildings and including driveways.

Resin Bound

What does that mean “resin-bound” well it kind of says what it is, but to explain.
Resin and aggregates are mixed and are carefully laid over the top of a strong sub-base. This procedure produces a beautiful, glaze finish with a textured aesthetic.

Which do You Choose Resin Bound or Concrete?

Lets look at the facts


Concrete is, without doubt, renowned for its strength, durability and impressive load-bearing capacity this makes concrete ideal for heavy traffic applications.


Also extremely hard-wearing and durable, the decorative resin/aggregate mix is laid over a sturdy sub-base these can be as simple as Concrete or tarmac. Ingenious really as it uses all the benefits of the sturdy prepaid surfaces and materials. You could say it enhances the finish with the resin-bound adding a decorative touch over the top of the base. The resin will hold the aggregates together, therefore, bonding the two. Advantages are no loose stones, It’s a scatter-free option.


Our customers choose.

  • Firstly it’s customised
  • Hand-pick the colour
  • Size of the natural stone aggregates
    This is extremely important as it is part of creating a unique finish that complements their property. Concrete however is fabulously famous for its functionality rather than its beauty. We have seen trends moving back to concrete in the past few years as the industrial trend has moved in on us but overall it doesn’t make for the stunning entryway that people are looking for.
Resin Bound v Concrete


A simple pressure wash now and again will keep a resin-bound driveway looking spot on. Thanks to its great design, weeding will be a thing of the past Resin-bound doesn’t support weed growth, other debris can be simply swept away. Concrete will require a little more maintenance, as in time concrete may crack and weeds can easily pop up between the cracks and joints. Something to check with your driveway installer is whether your concrete driveway will needs resealing, and how often.


Concrete has a zero permeability, any water will pool on its surface. In turn, the surface possibly becomes slippery in wet and icy weather conditions.

The unique mix of the resin-bound surfacing ensures that water can easily drain away into the underlying water table – this will reduce pooling when wet and freezing over in adverse conditions.



Well yep, concrete is the cheaper option out of the two. However, long term the benefits of resin bound make it well worth the investment. Our driveways come with a 10-year guarantee and that puts your mind at ease. I don’t think concrete comes with that.
Also, consider how long it will last. The resin will last many years with minimal maintenance. Weed-free and safe.  Resin-bound driveways are likely to add a little more value to your property.

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