What Value Does A New Driveway Add

What value does a new driveway add to your property

Are you selling your home? It’s one of those things,  you go all out to make your property as inviting and as neat and tidy as you possibly can. You paint, tidy away personal items and cosmetically lift the home to entice potential buyers.

How far do you go? Well, first impressions count so where is your boundary on your property that’s the answer.

Kerb appeal is definitely worth the effort and it’s proven most potential buyers do a kerb drive past before they consider viewing the property.

A Good Tidy Up

So, tidying the weeds and cutting the privets is a definite for the list.

What about the driveway and front garden?

Well,  I’m sure you have a smart rose bed and pretty flowers, the things that we should consider are also cleaning up the driveway or paving area.

Consider A New Drive

It might be you have room to instal a driveway and its advantage would be getting the car off the street and not having to worry about permits. Weigh up the pro and cons.

If you have multiple cars or trying to attract families to buy then a driveway is definitely a consideration.   More space less hassle more attractive. Potential buyers will be looking for car parking spaces.

You may even feel it’s worth taking the plunge and having a new drive laid.

What Value Does A New Driveway Add

Add Value

  • A new driveway will add value to your home.
  • It will increase the property value by 5-10%
  • It will give you a neat and welcoming lead into your property. After all if the outside looks good.
  • If you are adding a driveway, then it will almost definitely increase the value.

It is also important to understand what will decrease your home’s value.

Here are a few points you should think about

  • A driveway without suitable drainage. This can cause flooding.
  • Uneven driveway with cracked or uneven slabs. Not good for anyone but kids and older people would be a hazard.
  • Repairs, too much work to do put people off.
  • Check the driveway has a dropped kerb, It is illegal for any vehicle to drive over a public footpath. Also, you may need to get planning permission to add a drop kerb depending on your area policy.
  • Repairing the drive will make it more appealing but might not add value.

What Actual Value Does A New Driveway Add To Your Property

Well, 5-10% is most definitely a good investment,  thinking about doing your drive, you will add the kerb appeal, and instant value and you will be inviting people to view your home as you have suggested by your exterior drive and garden your home is in very good and neat condition.

If you are thinking of putting your property on the market and a new driveway is a must then we can install you a great driveway that you can be proud of and make it look great from the outside but we don’t do decorating.

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